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10” BLDC Benchtop Table Saw [TH]

10”  BLDC Benchtop Table Saw

  • Quick Elevation up and down.
  • Overload Protection prevents motor damage and protects the blade if it is blocked.
  • Variable Speed Adjustment Knob multi-speeds with easy adjustment knob.
  • Magnetic Switch prevents unwanted start after power interruption.
  • L Shape Rip Fence assists thin stock cutting.
  • Tool Storage handy to store Miter Gauge, Riving Knife, Blade Wrench and Anti-Kickback Pawl.
  • Spindle Lock for quick blade replacement.
  • Quick Release Blade Guard for changing Blade to Riving Knife easily.
  • Rear Extension Wing to support heavy wood pieces safely.
  • Sanding Disc can be quickly installed onto the Saw and transformed into a Disc Sander by simply replacing the saw blade with a sanding disc. Applicable from 45° to 90°.
10” BLDC Benchtop Table Saw
Brushless Motor 2HP 120VAC 50/60 HZ
Blade Diameter 10” │ 254mm
Rectangular Table Insert Zero Clearance
Dado Diameter 8” │ 203.2mm
Dado Blade Set Max. Width Up to 13 ̸ 16” │ 21mm
Max. Depth of Cut Blade at 90° 3 1/8” │ 79mm
Max. Depth of Cut Blade at 45° 2 1/4” │ 57mm
Max. Rip Right of Blade 24” │ 610mm
Arbor 5/8” │ 15.875mm
Arbor Variable Speed 1,700 ~ 5,000RPM
Arbor Tilt Range 0° ~ 45° to left
Table Material ADC12
Table Height 13.78” │ 350mm
Table Dimensions 25.2”x22.44” │ 640x570mm
Dust Port Diameter 2.5” │ 63.5mm
New Weight 77.16lbs │ 35kgs


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