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10” Cabinet Table Saw [TH56]

10”  Cabinet Table Saw

Geetech 10” Cabinet Table Saw powerful than contractor saws has met NEW IEC compliance and is CSA/UL listed professional power tool. Its Blade Guard Release is faster than new IEC requirement. Rectangular Insert design makes it easier for customizing zero clearance Standard Insert and Dado Insert. For optimal dust collection, the internal structure is equipped with Dust Shroud for connection to a dust collector, that is Dust Shroud moves along with the Blade as the Blade raises up and lowers down. What’s more, the 10” Hybrid Saw is another professional power tool to choose from our Table Saw Series.
Motor 3HP 230V 6HZ 1PH
Blade Diameter 10”
Saw Blade 40T
Rectangular Table Insert Zero Clearance
Dado Blade Set Max. Width of 13 ̸ 16”
Fence with DRO
Max. Depth of Cut Blade at 90° 3 1/8”
Max. Depth of Cut Blade at 45° 2 1 ̸ 8 ”
Max. Rip Right of Blade 52”
Max. Rip Left of Blade 12”
Arbor 5/8”
Arbor Speed 4,000RPM
Arbor Tilt Range 0° ~ 45° to left
Table Height 35”
Table Dimensions 20”x27”
Table with Extension Wings 44”x27”
Cast Iron Extension Wing 12”
Extension Table Right Side
Dust Port Diameter 4”
New Weight 300lbs / 136.1kgs
New IEC Compliance; CSA/UL listed
TEFC Motor
Quick Bevel Adjustment
Spindle Lock for easy Blade replacement
Faster Quick Blade Guard Release than IEC requirement
Dust Shroud moves simultaneously as Blade elevates
Built-in Tool Storage
Built-in Mobile Wheels


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