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20” Stationary Planer [PM19]

20”  Minimized Snipe Stationary Planer

Geetech 20” Planer powered by a three horsepower induction motor is a high precision, high quality designed tool to meet the demands on the market. Its feeding speeds 16FPM and 20FPM offer users to select from two different speeds. In addition, the oil bath lubricated gear gives powerful and smooth feeding processes.
The fixed robust Cast Iron Table with extended Cast Iron Wings add up to 51”in total length and 20” width, allowing users load lengthy and extended stocks. Not only Nitrogen Cylinder elevation mechanism supports easy crank up and down, the two Rollers located on top of the Cast Iron Head provide convenient handling for consecutive cutting operation. 
Induction Motor 3HP 230V 6HZ 1ᴪ
Max. Depth of Cut 1/8”
Max. Stock Thickness 8”
Max. Cutting Width 20”
Min. Stock Thickness 1/4”
Min. Stock Length 7”
Feed Speed 16/20FPM
Cutterhead RPM 5,000
Cutterhead Diameter 3 1/4”
Number of Blades 4
Spiral Cutterhead 3 / 4 / 5 rows (Optional)
Built-in Mobile Wheels
Dust Port Diameter 5”
Net Weight 860lbs / 390kgs
Fixed Cast Iron Table allowing extended workpiece at any length
Table Dimensions: 20”x21”
Table with extended wings up to 51” in length
Oil bath lubricated gear for longer gear life and powerful feeding
Nitrogen Cylinder elevation for effortless crank up and down
Auto Depth Lock function
Two Top Rollers for convenient consecutive cutting operation


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