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12” Parallelogram Stationary Jointer [JK05]

Parallelogram Stationary Jointer

  • Parallelogram structure gives constant distance between Infeed/Outfeed Table and Cutterhead at all positions.
  • Handwheel mechanism for easy Infeed Table adjustment.
  • Micro adjustment for accurate Infeed Table height setting.
  • DRO assures precise depth setting when lowering or raising Infeed Table.
  • Shut off Paddle for quick power off. 
Induction Motor 5HP 230V 1ᴪ
Table Dimensions 12”x88”
Cutterhead Spiral / 4” DIA
Cutterhead RPM 5,500 (60HZ)
Max. Depth of Cut 1/8”
Max. Rabbeting Capacity 3/4”
Max. Cutting Width 12”
Fence Dimensions 6”x56”
Dust Port 6”
Net Weight 793.7lbs / 360kgs
Infeed Table Micro Adjustment
Table Height Adjustment Handwheel Controlled Infeed Table
Lever Controlled Outfeed Table
Infeed Table Depth Reading Digital Readout
Fence Adjustment Linear Adjustment System
Micro Fence Adjustment
Quick Fence Adjustment Stops 45° / 90° / 135°
Fence Positive Stops ±45° and 90°
Built-in Mobile Wheels
Shut off Mechanism


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