Corporate Charitable Giving

Continuous Supporting Educational Development Programs And Sponsoring School Funds

At Geetech we are passionate about building a better tomorrow, we take proactive cares to nourish those who are in needs. Through our corporate giving initiatives, we have been supporting educational development for a long term.


2016/12/03-donation Wuguang Elementary School  NT$10,000.
2018/11/03-donation Wuguang Elementary School  NT$20,000.
2019/11/03-donation Wuguang Elementary School  NT$20,000.
2020/10/22-donation Wuguang Elementary School  NT$20,000.
2021/10/22-donation Wuguang Elementary School  NT$20,000.
2022/10/10-donation Wuguang Elementary School  NT$20,000.
2023/09/15-donation Wuguang Elementary School  NT$20,000.

2014/10/13-donation Shin-Kuang Junior High School  NT$20,000.
2015/11/03-donation Shin-Kuang Junior High School  NT$20,000.
2016/10/17-donation Shin-Kuang Junior High School  NT$20,000.
2018/10/25-donation Shin-Kuang Junior High School  NT$20,000.
2020/10/10-donation Shin-Kuang Junior High School  NT$20,000.
2021/11/03-donation Shin-Kuang Junior High School  NT$20,000.
2022/10/03-donation Shin-Kuang Junior High School  NT$20,000.
2023/10/22-donation Shin-Kuang Junior High School  NT$20,000.

2021/11/22-donation Taiping Junior High School NT$20,000.
2022/11/10-donation Taiping Junior High School NT$20,000.
2023/10/22-donation Taiping Junior High School NT$20,000.



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