Strategic Partenrship



Strategic Win-Win Partnerships: ODM/OEM Service

Long Term Partnership
Geetech is proud to be long term partner of most world class premium brands of woodworking machinery, mostly ODM projects. We helped our partners developing new products from scratch and turned their exclusive product concepts into solid and profitable business, adding more value to their outstanding brands.

6 SIGMA Capabilities
Geetech is one of the few woodworking machinery manufacturers with complete 6 sigma capabilities. Our professional project teams backed up by experienced & innovative engineering resource working under such discipline is the very core strength of our OEM/ODM business success.

Strong Trust behind Business
Geetech is faithful and silent ally behind the success of world class premium brands. We know it has to be the way so we keep everything confidential for every partner. We work with every partner with integrity and commitment, their trust is always prior to business. We are committed to bring innovative features to the machinery, keep the information confidential, and dedicate to the success of our partners.

The Ongoing Legend
Every minute in Geetech, there are always new projects of high engineering & business level ongoing. Projects are getting more sophisticated following our partners' success. Geetech is always looking forward to working with new partners with new challenges. We just get job done and prove we are as good as our reputation.Please contact us if you think we may create next new legend together.